Ernemann Heag II antique camera.


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Fabulous antique camera by Ernemann of Germany.
Ernemann was a German brand founded in 1889 by Heinrich Ernemann in Dresden, Germany. With models like the Heag series Ernemann consistently designed and manufactured what many consider to be among the most interesting, innovative, and unusual cameras ever made.Ernemann continued to expand camera production with a successful foray into cinema cameras and even began making their own lenses in 1908.
When the First World War started, Ernemann began manufacturing military optics. However, the ensuing financial meltdown caused by the Treaty of Versailles forced Ernemann to merge with local rival ICA, Stuttgart’s Contessa-Nettel, and Berlin’s Goerz to become Zeiss Ikon in 1926. Shortly after World War II, Zeiss Ikon split into east and west along with Germany and those parts continue today as Pentacon GmbH and Carl Zeiss AG.
The Heag II series II  was a smaller version meant for 6.5 x 9 cm size negatives. The camera is showing its age and is missing a viewfinder but is still a marvellous piece of photographic history.


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