Vintage triangular bud vase in red glass


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Gorgeous Sommerso vintage bud vase in red and clear glass.
This glass vase is triangular in shape at the base and rises gracefully to a three pronged top. The red glass comes to a graceful point in the interior of the vase. This is a heavy and substantial piece. Probably Venetian.
 The technique used in this vase is “Sommerso”, which in Italian literally means “submerged”. This technique is used to create layers of glass (usually with different contrasting colours) inside a single object, giving the illusion of “immersed” colours that lay on top of each other without mixing. This is done by uniting different layers of glass through heat and repeatedly immersing them in pots of molten coloured glass. This technique is quite recognisable: it is characterised by an outer layer of colourless glass and thick layers of coloured glass inside it, as if a big drop of colour had been captured inside the transparent glass.
Simple and elegant, this vintage piece will look stunning in any décor but would particularly suit a mid-century modern home.
Measures 38cm high, and 9cm across the base approximately. In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.


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