Vintage Bell’s Whisky decanter by Wade


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Vintage porcelain Bell’s Whisky decanter featuring the legend of The Silent Protest.
Whilst staying at Sens in Burgundy, Clotaire II, King of France (AD 584-629) heard there the old bell of St Etienne Church. Enchanted with its exquisite tone, he ordered the bell to be removed to Paris. Powerless but deeply grieved, the Bishop of Sens and the citizens watched their famous old bell carted away. Not long after, a messenger brought marvellous, indeed miraculous, news. The golden-tongued bell, in its exile in Paris refused to give forth any sound. The frightened King ordered it to be returned to Sens at once. On the way back, when at last in sight of Sens, the bell suddenly rang out exquisitely once more – although no human hand had touched it!
Originally filled with Bell’s 8 year old blended whisky the decanter is now sadly empty. It will hold a full 70cl bottle of whisky. Comes with original cork stopper in gold, and original presentation box.
Measures approximately 20cm high by 15cm across the base.


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