Marly horse with Zulu boy after Coustou


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This figurine is modelled after the large marble sculptures representing wild horses restrained by grooms, commissioned in 1739 by King Louis XV from the sculptor, Guillaume Coustou, for the Chateau of Marly, a favourite royal retreat. The sculptures were installed at the horse pond in the gardens of the chateau in 1745. The Chateau of Marly was destroyed following the French Revolution, but the statues, considered masterpieces of French sculpture, were spared this fate. On the orders of the painter Davide, the statues were moved to the Place de la Concorde at the bottom of the Champs-Elysees. The statues were then moved to the Louvre in 1984 in order to be conserved, and were replaced by copies on the Place de la Concorde and on the grounds of Marly.

This lifelike casting captures the drama and power of the moment perfectly and would make a great centrepiece for a table or mantlepiece.

The figure measures 26cm high by 25cm long by 11cm across approximately.

There is a little bit of damage to the base where I assume it has been dropped. This is only really noticeable upon close inspection, please see photographs for more detail.


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